Note: Updates paused until 4/29

Hi all, I included this info as part of Sidequest 2.10, but I wanted to also pull it out to make sure it was seen. Also, I managed to put the date for the next update in SQ 2.10 as 4/8 (which I really meant to be 28, which was still wrong since I forgot that updates aren’t on Tuesdays anymore) instead, so this is my official correction. My bad (x2)!

I’m taking advantage of a local holiday to do some traveling and, since I know myself well enough to know that travel anxiety will consume me until I’m home again, I’m not going to try and also get the next two weeks of updates done on schedule.

The next update will be Wednesday, April 29th. See you then!

Sidequest 2.10: Time off

(Note: Sorry that this is extra late, guys! Also, re: the day listed for the next update, I’m going to be doing some traveling this week through Monday, so I’m going to take a bit of a break.)

It was the kind of lazy morning where even Nico didn’t feel the need to be doing something big to pass the time. The kind of morning where he was content to simply sit in the shade under one of the many trees in the city. He’d bought a small loaf of seed bread on his way from his inn to this little patch of greenery. He’d only wanted a small slice of it. The rest was for his temporary companions.

By which, he of course meant the growing number of birds gathered on the ground around him and perched in the lowest branches of the tree above. He’d collected a bunch of tiny songbirds, some larger ones, and a handful of omnivorous birds of various species. Unlike most of the other times he’d seen Fey sharing pieces of bread with the wild birds, his birds were showing no indication of fear. One particularly bold larger bird (a local member of the Corvidae family, if he was using human classifications) had even taken up a perch on his leg.

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Sidequest 2.9: Friendship recharge

“I still can’t believe you said that last night,” Risa said, once again fighting off laughter.

“It wasn’t as amusing as you’re making it out to be,” the dragon replied. He was pouting and had his arms crossed. The posture just made her laugh more. He frowned. “Besides, I should be the one saying that to you.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” She covered her face with her hands and groaned. “Past Risa was such a dick.”

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Sidequest 2.8: Weird headspace

Even without Cirrus leading the way, Risa would have had an easy time finding Nico. First, because the more time she spent with Nico, the easier it got for her to pick out his particular soul from the rest of the information the city threw at her senses. Second, because when they got onto the street where the tavern was, the crowd gathered outside of it left her with no question that they were in the right place, despite the fact that the tavern where Nico was staying was on the other side of the city.

Said crowd of onlookers from various Fey species (and also some curious wild animals) looked when they felt her approaching. Cirrus fell back to let her take the lead, which turned out to be the best plan since the crowd parted for her without her having to ask. It was getting fairly well known now that the Angels, in general, were in contact with the phoenixes and that, more specifically, she was connected with this one particular phoenix.

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Sidequest 2.7: Seeking advice

The conversation with Arcadia was still bothering Zephyr the next day. The manga in his hands had been open to the same page for what he imagined must be at least an hour now. He’d stared at it without really seeing it for most of that time. The rest of the time had been dedicated to staring at his guest over the top of the book while trying not to draw suspicion from her. It was far harder to do when she was actually sitting upright in the chair for once. Mostly. She was slumped against one armrest with her legs bent over the opposite arm to rest her currently shoeless feet on the other chair’s seat.

She was once again working on the crystal that he’d been excited about not too long ago. Now, it was hard to get excited about anything related to her when he was too busy worrying. What Arcadia said made sense. She was going to get herself hurt if she continued being so combative.

What more could he do for her, though?

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Sidequest 2.6: Fox-eye view

“I legitimately don’t give a fuck about your opinion,” the leader of the Angels said.

She had her feet propped up on the desk portion of her seat in the Council Hall. One leg was crossed over the other and the foot of the one on top was tapping the air in a pattern that may have been related to a song that was stuck in her head (if Myrris had to guess). She was playing with the microphone crystal in her hands and the fact that she was staring intently at it was likely the only thing that had kept her from dropping it so far.

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