Note: update coming this weekend

Sorry all! Adopted dog is still having trouble adjusting and all my energy has been going towards training. I’m hoping to have the update done by Saturday.


Note: An explanation (also a delay)

I thought this might be better in a note of its own instead of a comment. Bear with me for a bit of info dump.

There’s a chunk of Risa’s story that I never intended to write, primarily because it’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but also because planning it out felt overwhelming. The original ending I had planned for Unlockable Content would have taken place before The Thing I didn’t Want to Write (TM), but as the story evolved, I realized this would have made it an unfair cliffhanger. So I planned a new ending, this one taking place after The Thing I didn’t Want to Write (TM), essentially summarizing ALL the things that happen during that time. That’s the ending that I wrote and planned to post last week. It didn’t sit quite right with me, however, which is why I postponed posting it so that I could reassess whether or not I wanted to expand on it.

To be clear, last week’s note about ending the story was not a cry for attention with continuing to write as the reward for getting it or a prank or anything of the sort (though I do understand if all this reads that way). I just wasn’t willing to admit that I might actually have to write The Thing (TM). I legitimately thought I’d be posting the summary-type ending this week, maybe with a bit more expanding on things, but mostly as is.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I still kind of don’t want to write The Thing (TM). On top of the original reasons, I’ve been feeling burned out with this story lately (perhaps this is obvious from all the delays?) and there’s a huge part of me that wants to be done and move on. Still, I do love these characters and this story world. Reassessing where the story is right now, I think I do need to write The Thing (TM) to do them justice.

So, all that said, if you’re willing to keep being patient with me and what I assume will continue to be an update schedule filled with delays (not helped by my recently-adopted dog needing extra attention to fix his extreme fearfulness), then I’ll do my best to properly wrap this up. Starting with another delay this week so I can figure out how much of a timeskip needs to happen for the next update.

Note: Final update next week

Hi all!

I’m postponing the next (and final) update until next week. I want to take more time to edit it and maybe rework the way some of it is written. Happy holidays to everyone who’s celebrating this time of year and I hope those of you who aren’t celebrating at least get some time off to rest!

See you next week!

Cutscene 35: One night of celebration

Summer, 2015

William and Ami borrowed the house outside Everfier for their wedding. They’d initially been hesitant about being in the Overcurrent for it, but their desire to have Rick and his family there was strong enough to outweigh their concerns. The house was secluded enough to give them privacy, but still close enough to a major city to make traveling easier. Easier for Ami’s parents, too, who Risa and Zane escorted there from the Mid-grounds.

The other benefit of having the ceremony outside of a city was that there would be fewer people to pick up on the fact that the Dragon Lord was attending. Risa wasn’t sure if he’d been invited because Ami and William felt obligated to or because they actually wanted to thank him for all the help. Maybe both.

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Cutscene 34: Time skips

November, 2013

“Ami and Will said you tried to pawn off Nyx on them when they left the Overcurrent,” Risa’s voice said through their communication crystals.

Zane glanced down at the drake that was curled up in his lap. Prior to the call with Risa, he’d been petting her back while reading a book. When he got the call, he traded out the book for his communication crystal. The other hand had remained petting the drake. That Risa brought this topic up now was suspicious timing, though he knew Risa couldn’t see what he was doing. If she could, she surely would have teased him about it mercilessly.

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Cutscene 33: Network status

There hadn’t been any indication during the journey that the Angel meant her harm. Still, Whitley couldn’t let herself relax just yet. This was, after all, the same Angel who’d firmly planted herself at the Dragon Lord’s side in such a short span of time and the same Angel who had supported that phoenix’s actions before the Council. She was dangerous, regardless of how she might try to make herself seem less so by tripping or landing unceremoniously in prickly bushes.

Further, their last leg of the journey was almost complete. That meant that they’d be in the Angel’s lair soon. The Angel would have even more of an advantage there.

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Cutscene 32: Things to do, places to be

(Note: So sorry everyone and thank you for being patient! The good news is that the rest of the serial is completely written now. Normal updates resume today.)

Chrys ran her hand along the cold stones of the castle walls as she walked. It was quiet. Too quiet. Oppressively quiet. “Time for something to epically self-destruct” quiet. She could make that happen, probably. She could, but…

…Her lack of interest in pranks was worrying. Was she sick?

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