Sidequest 3.2: Spreading the news

“Ok, remember, don’t say anything unless someone directly speaks to you,” Risa paused, considering. “Even then, let me do most of the talking, please.”

Chrys pouted and crossed her arms. “I was the one sent here to officially tell those stuffy Fey pricks about that old fart kicking the bucket.”

Risa pointed at her friend’s mouth. “And that is exactly why we’re going to consider your part of the mission accomplished now that you’ve told me and I am going to be the one to deliver it to the Fey Council.”

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Sidequest 3.1: Gain one, lose one

“I can’t believe you’re not helping with this,” Liam said from somewhere off on his left.

Zane reluctantly cracked open an eye to look. Liam was crouching at the top of the small hill in the field, one hand on the ground to steady himself, the other holding a long pole with a loop on one end. Almost identical to the sort of catch pole that an animal control officer might use to catch a loose animal. Except for the fact that the one Liam was holding had magic coursing through it from its holder to power the charms marking its sides. Charms which included an anti-magic one and several others used to control Fey.

It all seemed to be overkill for the small prey they were out there to catch. Or, at least, it had seemed like overkill, until they actually got out there. Several hours later and the surly, chihuahua-sized burrowing drake was still wreaking havoc on the fields outside one of Reinvale’s neighboring villages. While Liam chased her around and Zane sat leaning against the pole of the field’s ineffectual scarecrow (with an actual crow perched on its hat).

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Cutscene 26: Furniture work

“Thanks again for helping with this.”

William looked up from the bed that they were in the process of disassembling. “Of course.”

Rick fiddled with the screwdriver in his hand. “You’ve helped so much lately. Thank you.”

He studied his cousin a moment, then sighed. “Like I said, I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m glad that my experiences with him can be helpful.”

“Are you sure…?” Rick ran a hand through his hair. “Sorry, I know I ask you this every time the subject comes up.”

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Note: Updates paused until 4/29

Hi all, I included this info as part of Sidequest 2.10, but I wanted to also pull it out to make sure it was seen. Also, I managed to put the date for the next update in SQ 2.10 as 4/8 (which I really meant to be 28, which was still wrong since I forgot that updates aren’t on Tuesdays anymore) instead, so this is my official correction. My bad (x2)!

I’m taking advantage of a local holiday to do some traveling and, since I know myself well enough to know that travel anxiety will consume me until I’m home again, I’m not going to try and also get the next two weeks of updates done on schedule.

The next update will be Wednesday, April 29th. See you then!

Sidequest 2.10: Time off

(Note: Sorry that this is extra late, guys! Also, re: the day listed for the next update, I’m going to be doing some traveling this week through Monday, so I’m going to take a bit of a break.)

It was the kind of lazy morning where even Nico didn’t feel the need to be doing something big to pass the time. The kind of morning where he was content to simply sit in the shade under one of the many trees in the city. He’d bought a small loaf of seed bread on his way from his inn to this little patch of greenery. He’d only wanted a small slice of it. The rest was for his temporary companions.

By which, he of course meant the growing number of birds gathered on the ground around him and perched in the lowest branches of the tree above. He’d collected a bunch of tiny songbirds, some larger ones, and a handful of omnivorous birds of various species. Unlike most of the other times he’d seen Fey sharing pieces of bread with the wild birds, his birds were showing no indication of fear. One particularly bold larger bird (a local member of the Corvidae family, if he was using human classifications) had even taken up a perch on his leg.

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