Sidequest 2.5: Truth that hurts, part 2

Zephyr marveled at his guest’s ability to sit for long periods of time in the most uncomfortable-looking positions. Regardless of how uncomfortable those chairs were–as an aside, he wasn’t quite sure what her complaints were; he tried the chairs himself after each of her visits and found them comfortable enough–he sincerely doubted that the way she chose to sit made them any less so.

Currently, she had her back resting on the chair’s seat with her head hanging off, one leg slung over the chair’s back, and the other leg hanging over one of its arms. He couldn’t see what she was doing since the desk was in the way, but she’d been working on that crystal version of a Mid-grounds music player when she was still sitting somewhat upright. He assumed that since he couldn’t see her arms, she had them extended over her head.

He couldn’t help but smile. She made for an amusing companion. Continue reading

Note: Updates switching to Wednesdays

Ok, real talk/confession time. For my own peace of mind, I’m going to shift the updates to Wednesdays starting this week. This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while and probably should have committed to sooner. With work and commuting, I’m usually home late on Tuesdays with an early start on Wednesdays. So far, having other responsibilities to take care of before and/or after work on Tuesdays hasn’t been working out too well. I’m hoping this shift will make things a bit less stressful for me.

Sorry for the short notice; keep an eye out for this week’s update on March 4th.

Sidequest 2.4: Truth that hurts, part 1

Nico stared out at the other side of the bridge and, beyond that, the river that snaked its way through this part of the Fey capital. This city was a strange place to revisit after being away for a while. It was always so very similar to the city in his memories while also being so very different.

He assumed that some of that must have been because of all the vegetation and wildlife. The greenery was always slightly different. More importantly, since plant growth was often left unchecked, there was a limit to the lifespan of the buildings here. Eventually, the roots would damage the building foundations. Or a wall would be damaged by ivy. Or windows and roofs would be compromised by branches or the weather. They would sometimes be repaired. Sometimes they’d be rebuilt entirely instead (with every attempt made to minimize waste and reuse materials).

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Sidequest 2.3: Snapshots

“I think this is the first time we’ve had you out that you weren’t constantly glancing back towards the castle,” Cirrus commented, smiling.

Alistair found himself start to look in the direction of the building where he and his sister had been staying for the better part of the last week. He stopped and smiled. “There’s no reason for me to do so at this moment. My sister isn’t there.”

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Note: Another delay

This week’s update will be posted no later than Friday night. I didn’t finish the thing; my bad you guys.

(In other, only slightly related news, this winter is tied for Boston’s second snowiest season on record and February is officially its snowiest month on record. So that’s fun.)

Unlockable Content turns 3 years old!

I can’t believe how quickly time passes! A year ago I posted some thoughts on the experience of making this webserial and all of that’s still true today (although my issues with not counting early morning Wednesday as part of Tuesday have been mostly fixed by needing to wake up at 5:30AM every day to commute to work).

This serial and I have had some ups and downs together, but I truly do love these characters and the world that they live in. I’m floored when I see through this blog’s stats that I’m not the only one enjoying them. It makes me happy to be able to share these ideas and plot bunnies with others.

For this year’s celebration of UC’s creation, I thought I’d try something new and record myself reading one of the updates. Since it’s also Valentine’s Day, I picked Bonus Cutscene 3, the scene that shows Risa and Zane meeting. It’s also one of my favorite scenes and I’ll often reread it when I want to smile.

I’ve learned a few things through making this recording that I thought I’d share:

1. Always make sure the microphone is actually on before you start making a recording. It may have, uh, taken me a bit longer than it should have to realize that no sound was actually making its way to my computer. At least I was only about a quarter of the way in and was actually able to speak more confidently in the second attempt.

2. Audio recording and editing actually can take quite a bit of time. This one should’ve been obvious, I guess.

3. Listening to recordings of your own voice is so awkward. I’d actually experienced this before in small amounts, but I think this is the most time I’ve ever spent listening to my own voice. Do I really sound like that? Is that really how I pronounce words? I don’t even know anymore, haha.

4. Magicking out breathing sounds and word stumbles in recorded audio is actually really fun.

Anyway, it’s about a 27 minute clip. If you decide to listen, I hope you enjoy!

Sidequest 2.2: Comfort and manga

The double doors of Zephyr’s study opened before the three of them even got close enough to knock. Pitt waited in the doorway for them, forcing them to stop once they were close enough. He looked each of them over in turn, pausing the longest on Risa. He’d gotten a lot more comfortable with her being around Zephyr the more time they spent together, but still never quite seemed happy to see her. At most, grudgingly neutral. He stepped aside and beckoned for them to enter.

Amaryllis smiled at him and gave a small curtsy before squeezing past. Alistair glanced back at his sister, seemingly uncertain. He’d had the same reaction upon seeing the bodyguard yesterday, too. They’d met before, during the trial, and Alistair hadn’t reacted like this then. Her theory was that it was him being in unfamiliar territory that made him feel nervous. In the Overcurrent, he understood his role and knew how to interact with others while filling it. Here, he wasn’t totally confident. He’d never spent all that much time around other Fey in their youth.

Risa put a hand on his back and pushed to get him to go in. She saluted Pitt with her other hand. “Hey bro. Nice party downstairs.”

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