Stay tuned for more information and new character profiles as the serial continues. I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but it really is “read at your own risk“.

Main Characters

Risa Barrera

Age: 25
Height: 5′ 4″
Species: Angel (used to be human)
Primary Element(s): Fire, light
First Appearance: Intro Cutscene
Risa grew up in a home with two parents that worked late hours at high-stress, but well paying jobs. They didn’t have much of an interest in spending time with their kid, so she spent a lot of time alone with their pets and whatever new electronics and technologies her parents would buy to keep her occupied. Her love of animals led Risa to become a vegetarian shortly before moving across the country to attend college. She lived with Ami throughout college and a couple of years after that while Risa attended Grad School for her true academic love, Computer Science. Seen as kind of an eccentric oddball, Risa has had few friends her whole life (which is how she likes it).

Over a year before the beginning of UC, Risa started dating the demon Zane, eventually finding out that she was being hunted by human mages because her soul is that of a bio-engineered weapon from the Overcurrent. She went on the run with Zane, Ami, and William and managed to regain her memories and her magic. Now back living her old life while trying not to get overwhelmed by her stronger senses, she’s starting to wonder where she really belongs.

After the events in Everfier and the subsequent quest to fix Nine (Chrys), Risa has stepped up to be the leader of the Angels. She’s also quit school in order to make herself more available to her contacts in the Overcurrent and Fey Lands. This has left her with plenty of time to work on her snack train and prank Zane with Nico’s help.

Amelia (Ami) Porter

Age: 24
Height: 5′ 5″
Species: Human
First Appearance: Quest 1.1
Ami’s parents are both traveling photographers who thought it would be funny to name their newborn traveling companion after Amelia Earhart. She grew up seeing the world with her parents and even though she enjoyed it, she really wanted to find a steady place to settle down while she was in college and afterwards. Through her parents’ work, she saw a lot of ugly and depressing views of the world and people as well as some really touching scenes. She’s learned to give everyone at least one chance, which led to her going on at least one date with pretty much anyone who asked her out in college (leading to what Risa refers to as the “Snake charming incident of Junior Year”). Generally a forgiving person, she does hold a grudge when people treat her like she’s younger than she is.

After college, she became a waitress at Risa’s favorite vegetarian restaurant (for the discounts that turned out not to exist) where she met William. They didn’t talk for most of the time Ami worked there until William asked Ami for a date over a year before UC during which he explained to her about the existence of magic and Risa’s being an Angel. She went with Risa, William, and Zane to protect Risa and was the first person to see Risa use her magic and change into her true Angel form. Now engaged to William, Ami finds herself quite content with her life, regardless of the fact that it’s very different from the “normal” human life she’d imagined herself leading.

She wishes that her best friend would talk to her more about Fey issues, but she’s had to accept that there are some things Risa is always going to be more comfortable talking to Zane about.

William Ibbot

Age: 29
Height: 5′ 9″
Species: Human, magic user
Primary Element(s): All
First AppearanceQuest 1.1
William grew up in the Overcurrent as the only son of two members of very well respected families. He was a talented mage throughout his days in the Academy and was sought after to join the Magical Research Division of the Overcurrent Guard. He’s always been fascinated by the Fey, specifically phoenixes, demons, and Angels, so he’s read as much of the publicly available information as possible. Despite the access to an incredible amount of historical texts and information that being a Guard researcher would have given him, the thought of having to follow orders without question or having something he made used to harm innocent Fey creatures didn’t sit right with him. Instead, he moved to the Mid-grounds to live a human life there working as a chef (his other passion besides research). He has trouble communicating emotion and is often unintentionally hurtful with his choice of words. This is what caused Ami to be hostile towards him for most of the time they worked together until meeting Risa and realizing she was an Angel gave William the excuse to muster up the courage to ask Ami (who he’d had a crush on for most of the time she’d worked at the restaurant) on a date.

He struggled with his duty to report Risa to his community and his desire to protect his friends, but he didn’t want to chance being convicted of treason. Despite all of his anxiety about breaking Overcurrent laws, he eventually went with Risa, Zane, and Ami to the Borderlands to keep Risa away from the Guard. They discovered along the way that William’s ancestor was the head researcher on the Angel project, so he feels some amount of guilt for the way the Angels were treated. He has a strong sense of justice and wanted to plead guilty to the crimes he was charged with by the Overcurrent Council. Eventually, his friends and Zephyr talked him out of it. He’s uncertain about being the human liaison for the Dragon Lord, but excited about the chance to learn more about the Fey. Both of his cousins and many more of his family members are part of the Guard, so he’s something of an oddball, made worse by his friendship with a demon. Since most of his family won’t currently speak to him, his marriage to Ami is on hold until enough time has passed for their grudges to fade.

With the new treaty between the Angels and the Overcurrent and Risa starting to build a better relationship with the Overcurrent, it’s gotten a little easier for him to spend time among his extended family again. He’s hesitantly hopeful that he and Ami can get married soon, but he worries that his Fey friends or Zephyr or his cousin Chel might do something to jeopardize that.


Age: 2,370, give or take a decade (by Nico’s estimation)
Height: 5′ 11″
Species: Demon
Primary Element(s): Ice, shadow
First AppearanceIntro Cutscene
Zane has been around humans for most of his very long life. As such, he’s very skilled at predicting human behavior and knowing what to say to get what he wants. Since he has a nearly unlimited lifespan, he takes his time to enjoy everything in his life as much as possible. He finds the humor in almost every situation, often coming across as incapable of sympathy. He enjoys unpredictable people and situations most, but if something becomes too dangerous to justify the amount of enjoyment he gets from it, then he has no problem leaving. He believes very strongly in personal accountability and finds the human tendency to explain away guilt to be annoying. Early in the Angel project, Zane spent most of his time traveling with another demon, Raphi. Their friendship came to an abrupt halt when Raphi was killed by an Angel, causing Zane to flee. He held a grudge against Angels after that and was one of the demons that infiltrated the lab in Reinvale to interfere with attempts to transfer Angel souls to new bodies. After that, he spent most of his time drifting around doing whatever caught his fancy, eventually ending up in the same city where Risa, Ami, and William were all living. He has a job in a tech store since he finds the new technologies in the Mid-grounds to be some of the most interesting things humans have ever made.

When he first met Risa, he intended to kill her to protect his new life. He gradually wound up falling in love with her and wanting nothing more than to protect her. Though he was nervous about Risa turning back into an Angel due to his memories of how they used to be, he came to accept her regained magic. Now, he’s perfectly at ease around her magic and grateful for the stronger relationship they have after her developing a similar view of life through her couple hundred years of returned memories.

After everything that’s been happening lately, he’s pretty happy with his life. He’s reconnected with old friends, developed a better relationship with Risa’s brother, and even been accepted as part of the family by Risa’s mother and uncle. Not to mention all the souls he’s gotten to eat along the way. Good times.

Recurring Supporting Characters

Alistair (Twelve)

First AppearanceQuest 1.6
The twelfth phoenix that was used in the Angel project, and one of the oldest to survive. From a young age, he resented his human caretakers since he blamed them for the deaths of his parents and two of his siblings. He cares deeply for his siblings and committed to working for the humans so that he could protect them. He’s especially close with his youngest sister, Sixteen (Risa now), who he’s worked very hard to protect and take care of since before she hatched. He doesn’t have any particular attachment to the humans of the Overcurrent, but he continues to work for them since he doesn’t know what else to do. He’s very strict about following rules and holds people to high moral standards. He dislikes demons and most other species as he sees them as biased and self-centered. He’s willing to make an exception for Zane so long as he continues to make Risa happy.

After the signing of the new Angel/Overcurrent treaty, he’s been given the responsibility of leading the new Angel division of the Overcurrent Guard. Currently, he’s the only member since Chrys left, but he doesn’t mind, especially since she’s happier in the Fey Lands. He’s recently become quite taken with Amaryllis and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her family to accept their relationship. At least, he’s pretty sure he is; he keeps hearing some worrisome things about her sister and weapons.


First Appearance: Quest 2.5
Hyacinth’s younger sister. Amaryllis (known as “Ammy” to her family and friends) is a popular singer/performer in the Fey Lands. She splits her time between helping her parents care for her younger brothers and traveling to festivals to perform. Occasionally she’s asked to help with her family’s service to Zephyr, but she isn’t very involved with the Fey political world or nobility. This is mainly due to her parents refusing to risk Amaryllis being as unhappy with her upbringing as Hyacinth was when she ran off with Lucien. Despite the fact that she’s been an adult for almost two centuries and Cirrus and Maple have younger children, Amaryllis is still very much treated like the baby of the family, especially by Hyacinth, who refuses to acknowledge that her sister will ever be an adult with her own family. This has led her to feel that she needs to hide her budding relationship with Alistair.

Annabelle (Belle) Alvey

First Appearance: Quest 1.10
The youngest of a set of identical twins, William’s mother, Belle, grew up in a well respected Overcurrent family. She’s a talented magic user, but refused a position within the Guard, choosing instead to become a historical researcher within the Reinvale Magic Academy (which, at the time, was unaffiliated with the Guard). She protested heavily against the Guard’s take-over of the Academy, seeing that it would cause the abandonment of the standards of learning the unbiased truth that had previously been upheld by the professors there. Despite the protests, the takeover happened. She was allowed to keep her position within the Academy without becoming a Guard and has since taken to having private lessons during free periods to teach her students the history that the Guard took out of the curriculum. Some of her actions are seen as controversial, but since they have yet to cause any harm, she’s allowed to continue. When she was pregnant with William, she made a deal with the demon now known as Zane to rescue her missing husband, despite the laws she would be breaking. She has a rivalry with her sister over their children, which is one of the reasons she’s thrilled about William and Ami’s engagement.


First Appearance: Cutscene 1
A phoenix who makes her home in the mountains outside Seilvant in the Overcurrent with her mate, Desin, and daughter, Larali. She’s been alive longer than Zane (a fact which she uses to justify calling him a youngster, though he insists the age gap is quite small). She has a relaxed attitude towards life and doesn’t seem to dwell much on the past, choosing instead to focus on every day as a new experience. Before the organized phoenix hunts, Aracelis lived in the Fey Lands with her brother and his mate. Since both were killed during the hunts, Aracelis left the Fey Lands and spent most of her time after that traveling. After she and Desin decided to have a child, they found a place to settle down, with Aracelis quickly reinforcing the area with illusions and defensive spells. Risa and the others met Aracelis towards the end of their journey last year and it was through her that Risa learned to accept her returning memories and magic. Aracelis has kept in contact with many other phoenixes spread out throughout different layers and currently has the role of keeping her phoenix network updated on the progress of the Angels. A role that she will now be sharing with Nico, the older brother of one of Aracelis’ close friends, Rocío.


First Appearance: Cutscene 3
The current Lord of the Lenisyrr territory in the southeast of the Fey territories. He’s held that position for 204 years and has endeavored to create a stable and safe environment for the citizens of Lenisyrr to pursue fulfilling lives without fear. Under his guidance, Lenisyrr has become a center of culture with well-known artists, performers, musicians, and artisans moving into it from around the Fey Lands. However, Arcadia fiercely denies that he’s done anything remarkable with his power and is uncomfortable with being praised. The previous Lord of Lenisyrr was accumulating wealth by terrorizing the citizens and mobilizing the territory’s militia against them, which Arcadia was exiled for speaking out against. With the help of a girl he met in the Spirit Lands, he found the strength and motivation to overthrow the corrupt Lord. He considers her to be his mate and still relies heavily on her support. He doesn’t like to think about what he’ll do once she inevitably dies.


First Appearance: Quest 1.9
A “walking library of history and anecdotes,” as Zane puts it, Caelan is older and stronger than the two younger demons who are his friends. Long ago, he agreed to help the Fey researcher Elora compile a book of information on demons. During their travels together, Caelan became quite fond of her and wound up hiding the book so that she couldn’t finish it and thus their deal couldn’t be fulfilled. They have two sons that Caelan would do anything to protect, including organizing a break-in to the lab in Reinvale in order to interrupt the humans’ attempts to transfer the souls of the Angels to new bodies. Due to an incident where a young Ryoji was tormented by Angels, Caelan is very resistant to the idea of Zane being in love with Risa. However, after the events in Everfier and seeing the two together, he is willing to give her a chance.

After the events in Everfier and seeing the two together, he’s willing to give Risa a chance. With Elora becoming more relaxed around Risa and the revelation that Risa’s actually related to one of his oldest friends, Caelan’s starting to genuinely enjoy having her around.

Richelle “Chel” Hollins

First Appearance: Quest 1.8
Chel is William’s cousin, the second child of his mother’s sister. Chel has always been regarded as something of a black sheep because she doesn’t take what she’s told at face value. This is partially Annabelle’s fault for teaching her to consider all the sides of a story and draw her own conclusions, especially in regards to Fey. She finds Fey (demons included) to be more pleasant company than lying and backstabbing humans and, thus, spends much of her time stationed near the Borderlands. Four years ago, she mistakenly killed two drake parents due to faulty information during a mission to investigate a series of deaths. Feeling guilty, she swore to Paladin that she would raise him to be the drake his parents would have wanted to be. Currently not on good terms with her extended family because of that.


First Appearance: Quest 1.5
Hyacinth and Lucien’s second child. Ciel is half-demon, half-swift drake. He can be on the shy side, especially since the trip he’s on with his family is the first time he’s ever been so far from the cave where he was born, but his adventurous side peeks out every now and then. Especially when he’s surrounded by people he trusts and they’re not worried about anything. He just recently learned to shape-shift, so he’s still more comfortable in his drake form. Calls his sister “Mai mai”.


First Appearance: Quest 2.13
Elora is well known throughout the Fey world as a researcher capable of getting to the truth of any situation. She’s been collecting information for thousands of years, along with a group of friends from various Fey species. The group’s been split up for a long time, though the members who are still alive (which is most of them) do occasionally see each other. Her relationship with a demon led to her being treated as something of an outcast in the Fey political world, but the fact that she has literally written the book on most species and historical events means that she’s still allowed access to the Fey capital and the Council Hall. When her first son, Ryoji, was young, the two of them were cornered by Angels that pulled Ryoji away from her and joked about killing him. She’s had difficulties being around or talking about Angels ever since, though she still tried to compile all of the information she had on them into a book. Now that she’s spent time with Risa (and been given bribes), she’s having an easier time writing that book. She’s also thrilled that her old friend Nico has his niece back, but that’s clearly less important than the status of her latest book.

Eric Ibbot

First Appearance: Quest 1.17
The oldest of the Ibbot children from the generation before William’s, Eric has spent his life perfecting his medical talents since he has poor control over offensive magic. He’s worked in the public medical center in Reinvale for most of his life now. Before his wife, Belle, got pregnant, he would often travel to volunteer his medical services wherever they were needed. This came to an end when he almost lost his life during a snowstorm on the Northern Mountains while he was helping to treat injuries among the Guard and citizens attempting to drive out the pack of dangerous drakes that had moved in. After Belle came to find him when he was close to death (he wasn’t aware that she’d enlisted a demon’s help), he vowed to give up traveling to take care of his wife and child. He had big dreams for William to become a talented member of the Guard (or at least a researcher like his ancestor was said to be) and sternly disapproves of his son breaking laws and befriending demons. Most of his rebukes stem from his worry about William’s safety since he does truly care for his son. He also enjoys Ami’s company, though he sees her as young and naive for her trust of the demons.


First Appearance: Quest 1.8
The youngest son of Elora and Caelan, Ginko is half-demon and half-cove drake. Ginko’s older brother constantly teased him and told him false tidbits of information that left him nervous about almost everything for much of his childhood. The fact that his best friend Maia was constantly dragging him around on adventures that were slightly dangerous didn’t help matters. A (small) bit of confidence boosting and many years later, Ginko still follows Maia around wherever she chooses to lead (this also applies to letting her choose how he dresses) and still feels nervous in unfamiliar situations. Ginko and Maia have since become lovers, which they are both too embarrassed to admit even though everyone already knows.

He recently spent some time in an Overcurrent dungeon when the Everfier Guard decided to use him as a scapegoat for their explosives testing. Pretty much everyone with any connection to the Fey news network has heard about this already and he’s forever going to be “that kid the Overcurrent arrested.”

Hayden Ibbot

First Appearance: N/A
Though he’s been dead for hundreds of years and thus likely won’t appear in UC, Hayden does get mentioned often enough to warrant a bio. He’s Eric and William’s ancestor and was a talented researcher for the Overcurrent Guard. He came up with many ideas for weaponry against the demons threatening the safety of the Overcurrent. He was also very interested in studying the phoenix immunity to demon magic and came up with the idea to form partnerships with dragons that were hunting phoenixes. It was through his connections to these dragons and his studies of phoenixes that he came up with the idea of having phoenix parents killed to steal their unhatched eggs and attempt to inject dragon blood into the developing phoenix babies. It was his work that created the Angels and his continued studies of them left a large amount of notes and information that the Guard is in possession of. This is how the way to transfer Angel souls to new bodies and the way to revert the lost Angels to their previous state of mind as weapons were discovered. He lived in a house outside of Everfier, which Eric has since inherited.


First Appearance: Quest 1.5
Hyacinth is the oldest child of Cirrus and Maple and a direct descendant of two of the noble Swift Drake bloodlines. Her parents taught her much on how to survive in a poisonous political environment and how to lead her family. Included in these lessons was how to be an effective assassin and how to assist with the “errands” asked of her family by the Dragon Lord. These lessons and her naturally independent personality didn’t mesh well with the submissive behaviors that noble dragons who saw her as a “rare gem” expected from her. To escape from that, Hyacinth made a bet with a demon, fully expecting to lose and die. However, he took her to see the world and the two fell in love. They currently have two children and are quite pleased with their lives (though, Hyacinth isn’t shy about mentioning how she’d rather have three sisters instead of a sister and twin brothers).


First Appearance: Quest 1.5
Lucien was more or less raised by Zane. Just under 400 years prior to the start of UC, Lucien met a young Swift Drake named Hyacinth and made a bet with her over her soul. Her fearlessness and personality intrigued him and he kept her alive as a traveling companion. The pair gradually fell in love and Lucien eventually nulled their bet. He now has two kids with Hyacinth and he does basically all of the housework. Though his memory is quite clear about what led to these things happening, he still finds himself flabbergasted about how his life has changed. However, he wouldn’t change a thing.


First Appearance: Quest 1.1
Maia is Hyacinth and Lucien’s first child, making her half-demon and half-swift drake. She was always a fearless and curious child. Her mother adored her from the start, but Maia had to work to win her father over. After that, she was spoiled like crazy by both her parents and her mother’s family. Her mother makes most of her outfits, which, as per Maia’s request, are largely gothic lolita styled. Maia loves to paint and draw, often carrying a sketchbook with her to record the world around her. She’s been best friends with Ginko for most of her life and they’ve recently become lovers.


First Appearance: Cutscene 3
Arcadia’s mate and the second-in-command of the Lenisyrr territory. Myrris is an Animal Spirit of the fox variety, giving her human form fox ears and a tail. She grew up in one of the less advanced countries in the Spirit Lands which went through a revolution when she was eight years old. Both of her parents participated and died in the revolution, leaving her grandfather to raise her. After his death, she spent much of her time travelling alone making a living by hunting in the forests and selling the remains of her kills. It was a hard living for a lone girl, especially since she can’t see things at a distance very clearly. She trained her other senses to compensate for her eyesight while hunting with a longbow and boasts of having a perfect record (though this is a point of contention between her and Arcadia since she mistook him for a bear when they first met). Myrris chose to travel with Arcadia and helped him find a direction and goal for his life. They’ve been together ever since and she’s even gotten used to the glasses that Arcadia insists she wear to prevent further archery mishaps.


First Appearance: Cutscene 6 (Voice only), Sidequest 1.1 (In Person)
An old friend of Elora and Caelan’s. Nico is another one of those walking encyclopedias and he truly enjoys every chance to share the knowledge he’s collected during his long life. He’s serious and honest while relaying information on history, but anything but the rest of the time. All of his friends and his sister unanimously agree that he can be kind of an asshole at the worst times due to his complete disregard for social cues and the atmosphere of conversations. Despite that, everyone he knows well is always happy to see him (even when they don’t show it) at least until he opens his mouth to speak. He’s never been able to settle down and stay in one place for long, which is why he still takes frequent trips around the various layers he has access to despite officially being the second in command of the phoenix group in the Spirit Lands. He feels guilty that his inability to appreciate his sister’s existence when she was young led to him not being there for her when she needed him during the phoenix hunts and he blames himself for her eggs getting stolen for the Angel project. Now that he’s finally found his niece (something he had doubted would ever happen), he’s reluctant to ever let her go. He likes his nephew too, of course, but Risa is much more interesting and entertaining. Probably why he’s living in her apartment for an as of yet undetermined length of time.

Nine / Chrysanthemum (Chrys)

First Appearance: Quest 1.19 (Unconscious), Cutscene 5 (Awake)
Nine was the fourth Angel to survive to adulthood in the beginning of the Angel project. Her current human form was recently reclaimed by the Guard. She was then secretly kept in the lab in Everfier while researchers attempted to find a way to awaken her with the same level of stability as Risa, but without any individual personality that might keep her from being completely loyal to the Overcurrent. Nine is currently in Alistair’s care in Reinvale and it’s unclear what kind of lasting damage the experiments have caused or whether she’ll ever wake up.

She was able to wake up thanks to the researchers and doctors in Reinvale. She still has some gaps in her memory and some fuzzy bits where she can’t really figure out what she’s remembering, but for the most part she’s regained her original Angel consciousness and successfully merged it with her human one. Perhaps a little too well, some have commented, as she acts very much like a rebellious teenager. She’s still working on her magic, a process that’s hampered by her stubborn refusal to admit that she can’t jump right into the advanced stuff. Her piercings don’t help much either. Thanks to the treaty Risa got signed, Nine was able to choose to leave the Overcurrent. She’s picked the name Chrysanthemum for herself (although she prefers “Chrys” and corrects everyone who doesn’t call her that) and has chosen to live in Lenisyrr under Arcadia and Myrris’ care. She gives Arcadia a hard time, but she actually really likes her new home and is grateful to him for letting her stay.


First Appearance: Quest 1.11
Orphaned shortly after hatching when both of his parents were accused of killing humans in the Overcurrent. He was adopted by Chel, who treats him like her own child. He enjoys wrestling, pouncing on small animals (though he often misses), parading around to show off whatever interesting new thing he’s found, and chasing off guys that try to get too friendly with his new mom. He’s currently going through a wood chewing phase.


First Appearance: Quest 3.3
A human from the United States, Mid-grounds who was found to have some proficiency with magic at a young age. She was enlisted into the country’s secret mage training program which acts like a K-12 boarding school. Her training honed her ability to use her magic and prepared her to fight strategically without revealing the existence of magic to civilians. She’s been out of school and in the field for a couple years now, but the extent of her duties has been checking up on their local human otherworld residents and making sure paperwork is up to date. She hasn’t actually been out on a mission involving Fey before and is secretly thrilled to be around her temporary charges.


First Appearance: Quest 2.10
A black scaled dragon with the scars of many battles on him. Pitt acts as Zephyr’s bodyguard. The two of them have been together since they were young and, despite the fact that Pitt is forbidden from speaking to Zephyr due to dragon religious law, they’ve become very close friends (and lovers). He’s often seen with a stern look of disapproval on his face because of Zephyr’s impulsive actions, but deep down under all of the worry, he enjoys the younger dragon’s pranks.  His actions reveal that he’s rather a kind person, though since he’s rarely seen anywhere but at Zephyr’s side, few have heard him speak.

If he wasn’t Fey, his hair would all be grey by now because of stress caused by Zephyr.

Rick Hollins

First Appearance: Cutscene 2
William’s cousin and Chel’s elder brother, Rick is the oldest child of Annabelle’s sister. He followed the path set out for him by his parents to the letter, graduating the Reinvale academy with honors, immediately enlisting in the Overcurrent Guard, and quickly earning a promotion to Captain. He has a wife, Elaine, and a daughter, Marissa. His whole life has perfectly played into his mother’s desire to prove that she’s the better twin. He doesn’t have a problem with this and in fact pushes himself harder to be the perfect son so that his mother won’t focus so much on what “went wrong” with his sister. Rick is loyal to the Overcurrent Council and dedicated to his job as a Guard. As he is very respected within the Guard, two years ago when William informed the Council that he’d located a sleeping Angel and that there was a demon involved, Rick was the one chosen to lead a unit of Guards into the Mid-grounds to try and capture Risa. He regards that mission as his only failure, even though he was eventually the one to lead Risa into Reinvale to appear before the Council. Rick worries a lot over the safety of his rebellious sister and also William, who he feels obligated to take care of since William’s an only child. Rick also has a friendly relationship with Alistair, though he has trouble getting the Angel to talk much.


First Appearance: Sidequest 1.1
Currently the leader of a group of phoenixes who were left orphaned and/or homeless during the phoenix hunts. With her brother’s help, they’ve settled in the Spirit Lands and put up loads of concealment spells to protect their new home. The original group members are all adults now, but they still rely heavily on Rocío’s leadership, so she doesn’t like to be apart from them long. In her youth, Rocío was a popular musician at phoenix cultural events. It was while playing her flame flute that she first saw Guillermo, the phoenix who would become her mate. Despite all the unrest in the Fey Lands, the two decided to try and have children. Their home was attacked and she fled. When she later went back to find out what had happened, she found her mate dead and their eggs missing. She’s carried a lot of guilt about that ever since and is just starting to be able to move on now that she found one of her daughters. She’s also friends with Aracelis (who treats her almost like a daughter) and Myrris (who she treats like a daughter). She and her brother provided Arcadia with help when he started his quest to overthrow the previous lord of Lenisyrr. She still teases Cady about not being good enough for Myrris, but she does consider him part of the family.


First AppearanceQuest 2.10
A silver colored, soft-scaled dragon that’s been alive for thousands of years, Zephyr is the current leader of the organized dragon society and a high ranking member of the Fey Council. He often has a smile on his face and doesn’t appear to take anything too seriously. He’s been through a lot in his long life and has seen the nasty side of Fey politics, often unable to intervene. Despite this, he seems genuinely friendly and trustworthy. He tries to perform his duties as fairly as possible and laments losing the trust of the phoenixes, a species he considers beautiful and invaluable to the growth of Fey culture. He saved William and Ami from the Overcurrent court by enlisting William as his liaison between humans and the Fey Council.

Apparently has a thing for manga and wearing skinny jeans. Since dragon law forbids other dragons from speaking to him except during official events, he’s actually pretty desperate to make friends with Arcadia (one of the few who willingly breaks that law). He’s really bad at it, though.