The Serial…

Unlockable Content is a fantasy webserial set on an Earth with multiple connected layers, each containing different worlds with different flora, fauna, and sometimes even different physical laws governing their structure. Just over a year before the start of UC, CS Grad Student Risa learns that not only do these layers and the creatures she once thought were myths exist, but that she carries the soul and memories of an artificial phoenix/dragon hybrid created by humans to hunt and kill demons. Her life’s finally starting to settle back into a semblance of normalcy after going on the run from the magic using human community that created her kind and having to argue her case for her freedom. She’s gone back to her graduate studies and her demon boyfriend’s apartment, but now she finds herself with more time to contemplate what all of the recent changes in her life truly mean. What responsibilities and struggles come with her newly rediscovered magic? With her ageless life? What purpose is there to the dreams she once had as a human?

Join Risa and her friends as they try to navigate through the new worlds and politics they find themselves faced with.

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For more information about the world of UC (including key places and species), visit the World page.

The Author…

Unlockable Content is written by Korina Skye F, a level 1 adult (aka recent college grad) on a quest to unlock happiness. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, especially within the fantasy and science fiction genres. I wrote (but haven’t edited) a few novels during my years of participating in National Novel Writing Month and it’s from one of these that the world of UC comes. I got the idea to start a webserial while reminiscing about having my writing reach people through the internet during my days as a fanfiction author. I’m hoping to recapture that experience with original stories and characters that have been swimming around in my head for years.

Fair warning: as a computer science major and an avid gamer, I enjoy geeky humor and will likely be throwing references in wherever appropriate. I’m also a vegetarian and a believer in animal welfare causes, which might come across in the things I write.