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Cutscene 35: One night of celebration

Summer, 2015

William and Ami borrowed the house outside Everfier for their wedding. They’d initially been hesitant about being in the Overcurrent for it, but their desire to have Rick and his family there was strong enough to outweigh their concerns. The house was secluded enough to give them privacy, but still close enough to a major city to make traveling easier. Easier for Ami’s parents, too, who Risa and Zane escorted there from the Mid-grounds.

The other benefit of having the ceremony outside of a city was that there would be fewer people to pick up on the fact that the Dragon Lord was attending. Risa wasn’t sure if he’d been invited because Ami and William felt obligated to or because they actually wanted to thank him for all the help. Maybe both.

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Cutscene 34: Time skips

November, 2013

“Ami and Will said you tried to pawn off Nyx on them when they left the Overcurrent,” Risa’s voice said through their communication crystals.

Zane glanced down at the drake that was curled up in his lap. Prior to the call with Risa, he’d been petting her back while reading a book. When he got the call, he traded out the book for his communication crystal. The other hand had remained petting the drake. That Risa brought this topic up now was suspicious timing, though he knew Risa couldn’t see what he was doing. If she could, she surely would have teased him about it mercilessly.

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Cutscene 33: Network status

There hadn’t been any indication during the journey that the Angel meant her harm. Still, Whitley couldn’t let herself relax just yet. This was, after all, the same Angel who’d firmly planted herself at the Dragon Lord’s side in such a short span of time and the same Angel who had supported that phoenix’s actions before the Council. She was dangerous, regardless of how she might try to make herself seem less so by tripping or landing unceremoniously in prickly bushes.

Further, their last leg of the journey was almost complete. That meant that they’d be in the Angel’s lair soon. The Angel would have even more of an advantage there.

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Cutscene 32: Things to do, places to be

(Note: So sorry everyone and thank you for being patient! The good news is that the rest of the serial is completely written now. Normal updates resume today.)

Chrys ran her hand along the cold stones of the castle walls as she walked. It was quiet. Too quiet. Oppressively quiet. “Time for something to epically self-destruct” quiet. She could make that happen, probably. She could, but…

…Her lack of interest in pranks was worrying. Was she sick?

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Cutscene 31: Birthday

(Note: SO sorry for being so floppy lately! I’m hopeful things will be back on track now. Next week’s update should be out on Oct 7th or 8th, depending on how my travels go on the 7th. Then I’ll be housesitting for all of that weekend with nothing to do but write, basically, so I’m hoping to make a significant dent in the rest of the story.)

Zane let his tail lift and fall as he sat watching the activity in the hallway. It wasn’t very often that he found himself in hospitals. They were full of activity, noise, and so many smells. Both smells that tempted him (ie, fresh blood) and those that repulsed him (ie, medicine). Overcurrent hospitals had less artificial chemicals floating about than those in the Mid-grounds, but they did have pungent herbal concoctions. Sometimes, he wasn’t sure which was worse.

Speaking of… He used one of his wolf-form’s paws to rub at his snout. It didn’t lessen the sting of whatever awful thing was in the jar that passing doctor was carrying.

When he looked up, he saw that he was being watched by the guards at the end of the hall. He wasn’t surprised. At least one guard had been watching him since he entered the hospital.

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Cutscene 30: Discomfort

(Note 8/27: I made a small edit to the beginning of the second part of this update. After sleeping on it, I realized that the reason for the trip had never really made it out of my head and it might be a little confusing.)

Liam fidgeted in his seat and resisted the urge to look back in the direction Aubrey had gone. Doing so would have dramatically increased the chances of him making eye contact with one (or worse, both) of Aubrey’s parents. He didn’t want that. He also didn’t want to be fidgeting. What if they could tell he was doing that? What if they thought poorly of him for it?

Don’t let them smell your fear.

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Cutscene 29: Human rehoming

“I swear this drake gets cuter every time I see her,” Ami said, reaching out to rub a finger against said drake’s cheek.

Nyx let out a low grumble and stood, turning around before settling down again on the couch behind Zane’s head. With her head facing away from the humans this time.

“Zane’s her favorite,” Risa commented with a laugh. She petted the feather-tipped tail that was hanging between her and Zane.

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Cutscene 28: A favor

It was Liam that opened the door. Rick hadn’t told him that he was coming over or why. He’d considered it, but had ultimately decided that that might make the situation more stressful. This way, at least, he hadn’t felt pressured to talk to the demon. He still could back out, make an excuse for why he was there, and try again another day. Liam was smiling as he invited him in. It made Rick feel a bit bad that he actually wasn’t there to spend time with his friend. Maybe after he spoke with the demon.

The demon…

Rick swallowed to keep the sick feeling from making him change his mind when he saw the demon. He was sitting on a couch in the living room, one hand holding an open book, the other stroking the back of the small drake that was curled up in his lap. The drake had her head lifted to look at Rick. The demon didn’t turn, but Rick knew he was also watching him.

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Cutscene 27: Precautions

(Note: Sorry y’all! I severely overestimated my ability to keep up with writing this month. Normal updates resume today.)

Nico followed his nephew and the human into the living room of the house. It looked just the same as every other Overcurrent home he’d been in, architecture-wise. Not that he’d been in many and not for centuries. Still, if there was one thing the Overcurrent could be counted on to do (or not to do, as the case may be), it was to keep from changing things that worked fine. Even the pieces of furniture and their placements reminded him of those days when this city was young.

Speaking of young…

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Cutscene 26: Furniture work

“Thanks again for helping with this.”

William looked up from the bed that they were in the process of disassembling. “Of course.”

Rick fiddled with the screwdriver in his hand. “You’ve helped so much lately. Thank you.”

He studied his cousin a moment, then sighed. “Like I said, I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m glad that my experiences with him can be helpful.”

“Are you sure…?” Rick ran a hand through his hair. “Sorry, I know I ask you this every time the subject comes up.”

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