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Intro Cutscene

Quest 1: Overlapping Lives (Completed)

Zane gets a visit from someone from his past who needs his (and Risa’s) help. At the same time, Risa has to navigate the current politics of the Overcurrent Guard to determine what direction she wants her new, Fey life to take. But what, exactly, is happening within the city walls of Everfier and who’s really behind it?

1.1: Maia

1.2: Friends

1.3: Explanation

1.4: Sleepover

1.5: Arrival

1.6: Everfier Gate

1.7: A knot like a noose

1.8: A “Proper” Angel

1.9: Attempted Reconciliation

1.10: Base of Operations

1.11: Unexpected Visitor

1.12: City Outskirts

1.13: Research

1.14: Prisoner

1.15: Triggering Suspicion

1.16: Successful Introductions

1.17: Evacuation

1.18: Infiltration

1.19: Nine

1.20: Family Reunion

1.21: Party Splitting

Cutscene 1: Data Collection

Risa and Zane pay a visit to the phoenix that helped her get her magic back safely.

Cutscene 2: Tea and Current Events

Two weeks after the events in Everfier, Chel visits her older brother Rick and his family to chat about the aftermath.

Cutscene 3: Price of Popularity

In the heart of the Lenisyrr territory in the Fey Lands, a couple’s future depends on their ability to fight for what they believe in, for each other, and for themselves.

Quest 2: Limits of Loyalty (Completed)

Risa gets a potential lead about where to look in the Fey Lands for information to help Nine. Together with Zane and a new ally, she must either find the information she needs or a way to get that information directly from the Overcurrent’s leaders. At the same time, William and Ami learn that Fey politics may be even more poisonous than that of humans.

2.1: Database Building

2.2: Chips & Guac

2.3: The Fox and the Dragon

2.4: An Invitation

2.5: Fey Guide

2.6: Bookshelf Labyrinth

2.7: Refueling

2.8: Random Encounter

2.9: Sidequest, part 1

2.10: Political Introductions

2.11: Social Commentary

2.12: Rumors

2.13: Sidequest, part 2

2.14: The Most Awkward-some Tea Party Ever

2.15: Past Self Fail

2.16: Demon Mice and Murder

2.17: About a Tea Party

2.18: Foxplorations

2.19: Stuffy Old Castle

2.20: Home Visit

2.21: Whirlwind Week

2.22: Resolution

Cutscene 4: Brothers not by blood

About 2300 years ago, in the demon home layer, a young demon finds a new family after being chased off by his parents.

Cutscene 5: Friendship go?

In which Risa and Nine attempt to make friendship happen again and Nine picks a name.

Cutscene 6: Prank Crystal Calls

During a short break at home in the Mid-grounds, Risa learns that some annoying pranks aren’t specific to humans.

Sidequest 1: The Phoenix Network (Completed)

Risa and Zane bring the new treaty and the Everfier documents to Elora after delivering Chrys to Lenisyrr. There, they have a half-expected meeting with the phoenixes Nico and Rocío that will impact Risa’s future.

1.1: Broken Families

1.2: Something Fishy

1.3: The Right Time to be Together

1.4: About a birdlet

1.5: Lenisyrr Visit

Cutscene 7: Fey like to party ( Part 1 | Part 2 )

Risa, Zane, Ami, and William go to the Borderlands to attend a festival. Family reunion go.

Cutscene 8: Mission accomplished

Risa helps her brother’s dream of finding their family come true.

Bonus Cutscene 1: Making peace

Alistair attempts to make peace with Amaryllis’ family at a festival in the Fey Lands.

Bonus Cutscene 2: Meanwhile, dragons

A look at the life of the Dragon Lord when he’s not mediating meetings or reading manga.

Quest 3: Angel Hunt at Home (Completed)

Risa gets contacted by the local branch of the human organization responsible for keeping track of Fey activity in the USA, Mid-grounds. They’ve got reports of a sleeping Angel in the New York area and they want her to go meet up with their operatives in order to recover it. Zane and Nico (who apparently has no intention of going home anytime soon) tag along.

3.1: Bigfoot’s ringing

3.2: How to get a phoenix through security

3.3: Peregrine

3.4: Identity confirmation

3.5: Big sister

3.6: A challenge

3.7: Murder spree breadcrumb trail

3.8: Think later

3.9: Reinvale lab

** Chronologically, Bonus Cutscene 2 (see description above) fits in here.

3.10: Definitely a trap

3.11: They mad

3.12: Finally someone helpful

3.13: Back to school

3.14: Visitors and Secrets

3.15: Books get

3.16: Negotiating punishment, part 1

3.17: Negotiating punishment, part 2

3.18: Recharge break

3.19: Decision day

3.20: Troll name and travel home

Cutscene 9: Format conversion

Risa takes on a pet project involving mixing technologies.

Cutscene 10: On phoenixes

Nico contemplates shifted forms and history while waiting for a friend’s arrival.

Cutscene 11: Winter holiday

Ami and William travel to Reinvale for the Overcurrent holiday season.

Cutscene 12: Secret Basement ( Part 1 | Part 2 )

Risa and Ami meet up with Peri to find out what her organization’s working on now.

Cutscene 13: Unfinished Business

Zane pays a visit to someone in the Overcurrent about a contract he made decades ago.

Bonus Cutscene 3: Flashback to the beginning

Bonus for reaching 300k words – A look back on how a certain relationship started.

Quest 4: Forging Bonds (Completed)

Risa and Zane separately work on making new connections and navigating unfamiliar situations. Zane, while staying in the Overcurrent to serve the Council and Guard. Risa, while figuring out what to do with all the free time she suddenly finds herself in possession of.

4.1: A Dangerous Game

4.2: Delivering the news

4.3: Home stupid home

4.4: Start of a long trip

4.5: Unexpected lunch date

4.6: Camping sans marshmallows

4.7: Refugees

4.8: Pleasant and unpleasant reunions

4.9: The past and the future

4.10: Impending Snowstorm

4.11: Tracking

4.12: A heavy conversation

4.13: Piling on more worries

4.14: A stupid plan for the record books

4.15: Chatting up some bros

** Chronologically, Bonus Cutscene 4 (see description below) fits in here.

4.16: Bruised

4.17: Moral Dilemma

4.18: The nest

4.19: Herding

4.20: Get pumped

4.21: Deja vu

4.22: Like a boss

4.23: Dragon bro

4.24: Another meeting

4.25: A (sadly inedible) wrap (part 1 | part 2)

Bonus Cutscene 4: The Murder Squad

Bonus 1 of 2 for reaching 100 story posts – In Sovreillis, a young dragon finds herself in a terrifying situation with a phoenix.

Cutscene 14: Sleep Troubles

Aubrey has a dream of the past and finds herself unable to sleep. She talks some of it over with a new friend.

Cutscene 15: Acting Out

Chrys tries to keep herself amused in Lenisyrr. Arcadia takes some time to talk with her.

Cutscene 16: Goals

Zephyr and Amaryllis get an unexpected visitor as they talk relax outside.

Cutscene 17: Define “sneaking”

An emotionally charged discussion between Alistair and one of his sisters is interrupted by some surprise guests.

Cutscene 18: Awakening

On Aubrey’s request, Risa takes her out to a remote part of the mountains to try getting her wings back.

Cutscene 19: Homecoming

After months away, Aubrey returns home. Risa finds herself thinking about her actions and the future.

Cutscene 20: Resentment

Rick’s resentment towards Zane grows after a difficult start to his day.

Cutscene 21: Lunch with a side of intimidation

Ami serves an unexpected customer during one of her shifts at work.

Quest 5: Movement (Completed)

Risa and Zane, still separated by their other obligations, face the ripples of decisions they’ve made in the past. Zane finds himself having to investigate an unusual occurrence in the Overcurrent. Risa, with the support of some friends, can no longer run from her responsibilities back home in the Mid-grounds.

5.1: “Triumphant” return

5.2: New assignment

5.3: Erased

5.4: Human encounter of the helpful kind

5.5: Academic research

5.6: Sobering conversation

5.7: Second attack

5.8: Regrouping

5.9: Crow’s nest

5.10: Errand

5.11: Wiggle room

5.12: Time and a plan

5.13: Cheshire grin and a storm’s eye (Part 1 | Part 2)

5.14: Damage control

5.15: Deductive reasoning

5.16: On lies

5.17: Sibling bargain

5.18: Disillusioned guardian

5.19: A good day to be a demon

Bonus 5.19b: The awkward re-proposal

5.20: Discovery

5.21: A plea for secrecy

5.22: Breakfast

5.23: Soda break

5.24: Honesty, friendship, and future plans

5.25: Scapegoat

5.26: Interrogation

5.27: Pleas falling on deaf ears

5.28: Trust, safety, and a preemptive mission

5.29: Permission

5.30: Turning wheels

Cutscene 22: Dinner with a side of depressing

Risa and Zane have dinner with their human friends and Will’s parents.

Cutscene 23: A different dinner

Aubrey and Liam have dinner with Rick and his family. They talk about relationships, Fey, and kids.

Cutscene 24: Master plan

Nico pays a visit to an old friend to discuss current events.

Sidequest 2: The Fey Council (Completed)

Risa reconnects with some of the Fey she’s met before while attending the meeting in the Fey capital. She also does some stretching of her metaphorical political wings.

2.1: Pre-meeting chat

2.2: Comfort and manga

2.3: Snapshots

2.4: Truth that hurts, part 1

2.5: Truth that hurts, part 2

2.6: Fox-eye view

2.7: Seeking advice

2.8: Weird headspace

2.9: Friendship recharge

2.10: Time off

Cutscene 25: Herding birds

The other Angels in Reinvale do their best to keep Aubrey from being able to relax.

Cutscene 26: Furniture work

William and Rick bond while deconstructing some furniture to get ready for the baby.

Sidequest 3: A Metaphorical Wrench (Completed)

An unexpected event leads to an unhappy demon, boring ceremonies, and questions about what’s going to happen in the Overcurrent next. Also bickering.

3.1: Gain one, lose one

3.2: Spreading the news

3.3: Reaching the gates

3.4: Reunited

3.5: Darkness and dragons

3.6: Fake blame train

3.7: Done

Cutscene 27: Precautions

Nico and Alistair go to visit Elaine and Rick to talk about phoenixes and babies.

Cutscene 28: A Favor

Rick sets aside his discomfort to ask for Zane’s help.

Cutscene 29: Human rehoming

Zephyr feels awkward while spending time with Risa and her friends.

Cutscene 30: Discomfort

Liam asks Aubrey’s mom for that favor; Risa revisits the place she was born.

Cutscene 31: Birthday

Rick and Elaine have their kid. He causes a kerfuffle.

Cutscene 32: Things to do, places to be

Chrys tries to decide what to do with her free time and Risa gets a new traveling buddy.

Cutscene 33: Network status

Whitley gets her first glimpse of the Mid-grounds and starts to realize that Risa isn’t who she expected.

Cutscene 34: Time skips

Snapshots of the sweet and bittersweet moments in the remaining time of Zane’s contract.

Cutscene 35: One night of celebration

At William and Ami’s wedding, Risa talks business with her dragon buddy.

More soon…