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Quest 5.26: Interrogation

Liam let out a sigh and stretched his arms over his head as they walked down the street away from the Council Hall. “I’m so glad that that went well.”

“I don’t see why you’re letting yourself relax so much. It’s not as though anything was actually settled in that meeting,” Zane pointed out. “They merely listened to what you had to say, then sent you off to do other things while they plan how to get around your suggestions.”

“You’re really good at ruining a person’s mood, you know that?”

Zane smiled. “I may have been told that on occasion.”

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Quest 5.25: Scapegoat

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

It wasn’t the first time Liam had said that since breakfast that morning. This time, Zane actually decided to acknowlege him. It’s not like the book he was flipping through was really that interesting anyway.

Liam was sitting across the table from him fidgeting with one of the crystals containing personnel records from the demon compound. Under that was a thin notebook with more Guard records. The two of them were in the archives purportedly looking for more information to track down the culprits of the attacks. Really, though, they were just waiting.

“I think that’s hardly an accurate description of my role in this,” Zane said. “All I did was make a suggestion one time. You’re the one who dwelled on it until you decided it sounded like a good idea.”

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Quest 5.24: Honesty, friendship, and future plans

Zane spun his communication crystal in circles on the kitchen table. He’d barely gotten to speak to Risa at all the day before between Liam and Aubrey dominating the conversation with talk about their relationship and that other one, Chrys, whining about food. Would she have time to talk to him today? Should he wait for her to call instead of taking a chance that he’d catch her at a bad time?

This would be far more bearable if he also had something to do to keep himself occupied.

He glanced over at the human who was just outside the door to the yard giving Thistle a bath. She was giving him a hard time by walking circles in the little pool of water and trying to grab the scrubber he was using on her scales, but her vocalizations suggested that she actually enjoyed the bath and was just having fun at his expense.

It was a nice scene to watch, but it was also boring. When was Liam going to make a decision about the library?

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Quest 5.23: Soda break

Risa leaned back to look at the sky from her seat on the edge of the fountain. It was at the point in the day where it was rapidly getting dark. Not that that really mattered since they were in Las Vegas and the artificial lighting would kick into overdrive to encourage people to stay awake and spend money. Or whatever one normally did in Vegas when they weren’t trying to recruit another Fey into their growing network of underlings.

So far she was up to three: Vesper, a second dragon in Seattle, and the Sea Serpent in Los Angeles. There were other Fey living in those metro areas, but Crow had only given her information on one individual in each city whose residency contract was up for negotiation. She wasn’t sure if that was because they were the only ones needing contract renewals or Crow was being careful not to give her too much information. She wasn’t about to push the issue when she felt lucky to have gotten any information at all after the vicious glare and icy “We’ll be in touch” Crow left her with that day at the café.

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Quest 5.22: Breakfast

“What do you want with your eggs?”

Zane looked away from his conversation with the drake who was lounging half-in the kitchen and half-out. “She wants some of those fake meat strips.”

Liam looked back over his shoulder. “I was asking you.”

“I know.” Zane shrugged. “I’ve already told you I don’t want your food. The coffee is enough.”

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